The superstar will not be available for the next match; Concern for the Blasters, and relief in one respect Sportsnight

The title fight in Indian Super League football tomorrow.  Kerala Blasters and Jamshedpur FC, who can be described as equal forces, are going head to head.  The Blazers are second with 23 points after 13 matches and Jamshedpur are fifth with 22 points. The clash between Kerala Blasters FC and Jamshedpur FC will be played on Thursday night at 7.30 pm at the GMC Athletic Stadium in Bambolim.  As the ISL nears its climax in the league round, competition is intensifying.  The Blasters and Jamshedpur are aiming to reach the play-offs in the top four.  It is also worth noting that there is only one point difference between the two teams.  The Blasters, who have played 13 games in the league, are second with 23 points.  Jamshedpur FC is fifth with 22 points.n Blasters to stay in two and Jamshedpur to stay in twoKerala Blasters x Jamshedpur FC can be described as a horn of equal strength in numbers.  Both teams are tied on the number of goals scored over a point difference.  Both teams have scored 20 goals so far.  However, the Blazers were stingy in conceding a goal.  So far the Blasters have conceded just 12 goals while Jamshedpur have conceded 15 goals.

The Blasters and Jamshedpur are aiming for second place in the points table.  The Blasters are aiming to stay in the top two and Jamshedpur in the second.

If the Blasters win, they can reach 26 points from 14 games.  Hyderabad FC leads the table with 26 points from 15 matches.  Despite coming up with Hyderabad in terms of points, the Blazers remain in second place as they are well ahead in goal average.  Jamshedpur, on the other hand, will overtake the Blazers by 25 points from 14 matches.  If there is a draw, the current positions of both teams will not change.

Alvaro Vasquez reveals reason for joining Kerala Blasters;  The player also opens his mind about his trademark volley

Spanish striker Alvaro Vasquez has described Kerala Blasters as one of the biggest clubs in Indian Super League (ISL) football.  Vasquez, the current top scorer for the Blasters' 2021 - 2022 season, says the ISL is a strange league with a lot of potential. Spanish striker Alvaro Vazquez has made a name for himself in Indian Super League football since his debut at the Kerala Blasters.  Vazquez leads the Blasters with a header from scoring and scoring.  Vazquez rose to another level with the match against North East United on 4 February.  Vasquez became a lightning striker who could score at any time from any corner of the field.  The change came in the 82nd minute against North East United with a goal from 59 meters.  With this, the applause of other goalies in the league has increased.  Because, if Vazquez gets the ball, the net may shake if the goalkeeper is misplaced.  In an exclusive interview with The Bridge yesterday, Vasquez opened his mind about ISL and the Blasters. Vazquez's answer to the question of why he came to ISL and Kerala Blasters in itself is remarkable.  Vauxhall observes that ISL is a strange league with a lot of potential.  This is because the ISL seasons last less than six months.  The La Liga and the English Premier League, where Vasquez played the most, lasted about 10 months each season.In an interview with Vasquez The Bridge, he said that the Kerala Blasters are the biggest club in the ISL with a huge fan base and that is the main reason for signing a  with the Blasters.  Alvaro Vazquez has won the Euro Under - 21, the FIFA 2011 Under - 20 World Cup silver boot, and the Super Striker, who has played in the Spanish La Liga and English Premier League.  Born in Barcelona, ​​Vazquez entered professional football through Espanyol's youth team.

 Hat-trick for George Ortiz;  Goa wins against Chennai

Madgaon: FC Goa beat Chennai FC by a huge margin in the ISL.  Goa thrashed Chennai by five wickets. George Ortiz scored a hat-trick to give Goa a convincing victory.  Goa took the lead in the sixth minute through Makhan Chote.  Iban Dohling's pass into the net through a fierce volley. George Ortiz scored his first goal of the match in the 20th minute.  Then in the 40th minute Ortiz extended Goa's lead to three.  Shortly before the end of the first half, Ivan Gonzalez's attempt ended in an own goal by Chennai defender Narayan Das.  This gave Goa a four-goal lead in the first half.Goa dominated the second half.  In the 53rd minute, Ortiz scored a hat trick and Goa scored the fifth goal from a pass by Iban Dohling.Despite winning, Goa are ninth with 18 points from 16 matches.  Chennai are eighth with 19 points. FIFA World Cup: 1.7 crore tickets booked Doha: The first phase of Qatar World Cup ticket booking has come to an end, setting a new record in World Cup ticket booking.  When FIFA's online ticket booking closed at 1pm on Tuesday, 1.7 crore tickets had been applied for from around the world.The first phase of ticket booking, which started on January 19, ended on February 8.  Within 20 days it had received so much acceptance from all over the world.  The final match at Lucille Stadium on December 18 had the highest number of applicants.  18 lakh bookings for the final. Most bookings are from host Qatar.  However, FIFA has not released the figures.  Behind Qatar are Argentina, Brazil, England, France, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the United States.  India made it into the top ten.

Kasargod Mirshad beats Gurpreet in Indian Super League

Kanhangad: Goal key in the grounds of Kakat School and Red Star Club.  Mirshad is a proud member of the Bangalore team who has been trained by Prairie.  Ttm.  Most saved goals in Indian Super League football  Mirshad came out on top with his goal-scoring prowess.  India's number one goalie Gurpreet Singh crosses the line.  This achievement. This is the first time a Malayalee has achieved this feat.  For the past two weeks, Mirshad Bangalore has been at the top of the list.  Serve the best of the best in a variety of competitions.  Performed by Mr. Mirshad of Kasargod on the soil of Long Goa.  Kamaljit Singh was second and Lakshmi Kant Katti Mani was third.  Sandhu Nalamana also made it to the list. Mirshad has been a member of the North Bengal team for the last four years.  Following a fall from the shoulder while diving during hard training  A.T.K.  In the first match against Mohun Bagan, he was able to get close to Llangi.  This is a great achievement as he started training in the gym after playing games.  Next.  The ball was played on the grounds of the Cuckoo School and the Red Star Club. It is a coincidence that Mirshad, who wanted to play cricket, arrived in football.  Elder brother Nasser and sister-in-law Kantrias  He was playing great football.  Seeing this made the football tremble.  Mirshad, who loved fielding dives on the cricket ground , was sent off to score a goal.  That attracted me to the wide diving football on both sides.Two district football teams, including Yi Rike Mirshad, a Plus Two student at Kakat School  He became the state senior champion for the second time.  Indian footballer who passed away last year has been named the Man of the Match.  He joined the FC Barrage in Goa at the behest of Suresh.  The bomb was later flown to Goa by the Kerala FC.  He was the best goalkeeper in 2018 at the Gold Cup in Darjeeling. Nidhish Bangal, Member, Kasargod District Sports Council Anil Bangal, K.S.  Prashant of Rala police broke the news of football in Mirzadi.  B. Ahmed, in the House of Commons, where his parents were living in Bangalore.  Promotion by T. Nabeesa, Brother Nasser, and brother-in-law, Tsni. 

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