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One of the legends of modern football, the Portuguese wonder, Cristiano Ronaldo, has a sweet birthday today.  The captain of the paramilitary force, who has entered the age of 39, continues to amaze the world with his magical performances on the field.  After conquering Europe, Rono is now king in Asia through the Saudi Pro League. He has achieved all the achievements that a player dreams of, including the FIFA World Footballer Award.  One of Ronaldo's biggest trump cards on the field is his cheetah-like speed.  He flies from his own goal to the opposite goal in the blink of an eye.  Ronaldo's lightning speed is what always scares the opposing team's defenders. It is said that Ronaldo has sped up to 40 km per hour in some matches.  How does he actually get so fast on the field?  The truth is that there is a secret behind it.  The reason for this is Ronaldo's completely different training method.  Let's check what this is.  Cristiano's main training to increase his speed is standing up running in the pool.  He uses an underwater machine or a treadmill for this.  Ronaldo has installed such a treadmill under his own pool.  One of his most important training methods is to run directly into the water from above.  The result is Ronaldo's amazing speed on the field. 

Ronaldo is one of the hardest working athletes in the world of sports.  

This is also the secret of his extraordinary fitness and athleticism even into his 40s.  Ronaldo has been training and exercising for hours to improve himself and this is the reason why he is able to perform with the same energy and confidence for 90 minutes on the field.  Rono was expected to retire from international football after the last World Cup but is still playing.  The indications are that the Euro Cup to be held in June this year will be Ronaldo's last international tournament.  Having already won the Euro Cup once, he will be looking to retire in style with another trophy to his name.  He has played 205 matches for Portugal.  128 goals were scored from these.  If the club career is taken, the career started with the home team, Sporting Lisbon, is now reaching Al Nasser in the Saudi Pro League.  He joined them last year and has scored 34 goals in 34 matches.  After hitting the ball in big clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus, Ronaldo has now made his presence known in Asian soil.

Take Messi as an example, do you know why Ronaldo doesn't have a tattoo?  Applause.

 Footballers have huge fan base in the society.  In the history of football, we can see many players who jumped with the ball rolling on the field and scored a goal in the minds of the fans.  Most of the stars lead a luxurious life as they have huge wealth along with fame.  Most of the football players have tattoos on their bodies. Most of the football players are interested in getting their family, lucky numbers and symbols tattooed according to their body beauty.  Football legends like Lionel Messi and Neymar have many tattoos on their bodies.  But Cristiano Ronaldo has not got a single tattoo on his body yet.  Ronaldo's body is more suited to tattoos than anyone else.  But there's a reason why he says no to the beauty of tattoos and still stays away from it.  Ronaldo has said no to the beauty desires of a tattoo because he is more of a socially awkward man than a player.  He does many philanthropic activities.  Along with this, Ronaldo is a regular blood donor.  There are some barriers to donating blood while getting a tattoo.  Ronaldo himself has openly said that this is why he does not have a tattoo.  Ronaldo's dedication to his health and blood donation is exemplary at a time when footballers have tattoos on their legs, necks and tongues.  Ronaldo's arch rival Lionel Messi is also active in charity work.

Messi's leg tattoo went viral during the soccer world cup. 

But there are no reports of blood donation.  That's why there are many tattoos on Messi's body.  Messi is a star who gets new tattoos every now and then.  It is safe to say that Messi's tattoo also has a special fan base.  But Ronaldo is of the position that he does not want the beauty that can be obtained through tattoos. The reason for this is to raise the respect for Ronaldo.  Ronaldo is a star who grew up from a poverty-stricken childhood.  Therefore, Ronaldo knows well the plight of economically disadvantaged and sick people.  Therefore, Ronaldo does not hesitate to go directly to the community and do charity work.

Ronaldo donates a huge amount of money for the treatment of children suffering from cancer.  

He also gives great importance to children's education.  In 2015, it was revealed that Ronaldo is the sports star who spends the most money on charity.  Ronaldo also collaborates with major philanthropic organizations in the world.  Ronaldo has donated a large amount of money to Save the Children, UNICEF and World Vision.  Ronaldo has spent a huge amount for the families of those who died in the spread of covid.  Ronaldo also helps those affected by natural disasters.  When there was an earthquake in Nepal, many people were affected by it.  Ronaldo also contributes financially to them. Ronaldo is ahead of all the other players in football in the area of life mercy.  Ronaldo is a role model for everyone in health care as well.  That's why Ronaldo is getting more love and recognition than being a football star.

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