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Shivam Dube is in the 17th season of the Indian Premier League with a spectacular performance. Dubey played a crucial role in CSK's win against Gujarat Titans with a firework fifty. Dubey scored 51 runs off 23 balls. Dube's firework included 2 fours and 5 sixes. Dube was on fire at a strike rate of 221.73. Dubey is a star who was once abandoned by everyone. But after coming to CSK, the quality of the player changed. Dubey, who shines with explosive performances in the middle order, can be said to be a crucial part of the Indian team in the upcoming T20 World Cup. How Dubey rose from underdog to superstar. CSK captain Ruturaj Gaekwad has openly said that Dhoni is behind this. Ruturaj says that Dhoni's changes in Dubey's attitude are the reason for the player's strong comeback. "When Dube came to CSK, the team management was looking to change his attitude. When he came here, the team management treated him personally. "Dhoni worked with him to change his personality," Ruthuraj said after the match. Dubey is a highly athletic player. With good height and body to match, Dube's problem could be said to be lack of confidence. Although capable of scoring runs at a fast pace, the star often lacked confidence. But after coming under Dhoni, Dubey changed completely. As he started playing with full confidence, his performance improved and became more consistent.

CSK backed Dubey with confidence. But Dube did not get such support from Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. 

Dubey himself explains why CSK is different. "It's a different franchise. They give me complete freedom. Dubey said, 'I worked very hard to play the short ball'. They tried to trap Dube in the short ball trap in the match against RCB. But Dube hit the short ball as well. Dube is a good player against spin. Therefore, Dube can be an asset to CSK in the middle overs. The player can score runs quickly. Dube's strength now is that he plays without fear. CSK is also likely to retain Dube before the upcoming mega auction. Dube is a player who can be used as a bowler in times of need as well. Dube is undoubtedly the stalwart of CSK's middle order at the moment. It remains to be seen whether Dube can show this excellence in the coming matches as well. Unless Dubey plays consistently, things will be tough for CSK. Rachin Ravindra is crushing. But Daryl Mitchell is not making the expected impact. With Ajinkya Rahane also unable to perform, much hope is on Dubey. CSK have made a great start by winning their first two matches. The fans hope that CSK will reach the cup with the same momentum in the remaining matches as well. It remains to be seen whether CSK will reach the sixth title. As the hero, Ruthuraj also gives a good performance which brings joy to the team. 

Mumbai Indians are going to face Sunrisers Hyderabad today in the 8th match of the 17th season of the Indian Premier League. In the first match

Mumbai lost to Gujarat Titans by 6 runs. After this, Mumbai skipper Hardik Pandya received a lot of criticism. There was widespread criticism that Hardik had insulted former skipper Rohit Sharma. The crowd booed Hardik and abused him by calling him Hardik when the dog came to the field. After the match, Rohit Sharma scolded Hardik and Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit and Jasprit Bumrah had a discussion which opened the way for big controversies. Now there are reports about the dramatic incidents that took place in the dressing room after the match against Gujarat. It is reported that Hardik Pandya burst into tears in the dressing room. Hardik's eyes were filled with tears when he lost his wicket. According to reports, Hardik cried during the discussion in the dressing room. 

Hardik has been assured full support by the team management. Skipper Hardik Pandya is being given all his support by coach Mark Boucher. Batting coach Karen Pollard is also with Hardik. Pollard was supportive of Hardik in all his post-match reactions against Gujarat. The fact is, Rohit is isolated between the team management and the coaching staff. Although Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvrath and Jasprit Bumrah are supporting Rohit Sharma, the team management is now against Rohit. A section has the opinion that Rohit's unnecessary interference is the cause of the controversy. As the captain, Hardik can decide who to field and where. When he was captain, Rohit fielded only inside the third yard circle. But including Pollard indirectly said that there is no mistake in fielding Rohit, who is not the captain now, at long on. Hardik's fielding of Rohit at long on was the cause of great criticism. The fans considered this as an insult to Rohit. This has become a big controversy. In fact, as a hero, Hardik has taken only a natural decision. But it was Rohit who made it so controversial. After the match, Rohit was seen scolding Hardik in a disapproving manner and talking angrily while hugging him.Also, Rohit avoided Hardik in the dugout and spoke to Sachin, Bumrah and the young players. This also caused controversy. There are many within the team who are accusing Rohit of making this problem bigger. There is a high possibility that there will be protests against Hardik in the coming matches as well. If that happens, there is a possibility of tougher moves against Rohit.

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