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Gelsenkirchen: In one of the biggest upsets in Euro Cup football history, former champions Portugal were stunned by tournament newcomers Georgia. Georgia defeated Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal 2-0, advancing to the Euro Cup pre-quarterfinals. This victory is a monumental achievement in Georgian football history. Meanwhile, Ronaldo's goal drought continued for another match. Cristiano Ronaldo's team was overwhelmed at the Georgian fortress in Euro Cup. This shocking defeat has given Georgia an unforgettable victory to celebrate. In FIFA rankings, Portugal is sixth while Georgia is ranked seventy-fourth. With only a one percent chance of winning, Georgia's upset left Portugal, whose coach Roberto Martinez rested ten players from the starting eleven, stunned before the game even heated up.

Georgia's unified eleven outplayed Ronaldo and his squad both offensively and defensively. In the second minute, Kvaratskhelia's brilliant finishing put Georgia ahead. Despite Portugal's eighteen attempts to score, Georgia delivered a second blow in the 57th minute through a penalty scored by Georges. Discontented, Ronaldo was substituted midway through the match. Even the substitutes couldn’t break the Georgian defense. With this historic upset, Georgia advanced to the pre-quarterfinals in their first ever Euro Cup appearance.

Will Ronaldo Score Today? Fans Await a Rare Feat

Munich: Fans are eagerly waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo to score in the Euro Cup. Ronaldo could become the oldest player to score in the Euro if he finds the net today against Georgia. The match is scheduled for 12:30 AM. Fans hope to see a goal from Ronaldo. Meanwhile, due to fan intrusions, security for Portugal's matches has been heightened. During the tournament, fans frequently approached Ronaldo for selfies, even when he was close to the opponent's goalpost. Despite not scoring, Ronaldo remained a popular figure for selfies, which were widely shared on social media. However, Portugal's coach and fellow players criticized the fans' excessive affection, raising concerns about player security. As a result, security for Portugal's matches has been increased.

UEFA has decided to increase the number of field security personnel to prevent fan intrusions. Fans breaching security will be banned from stadiums for the remainder of the tournament. The German Football Federation has also announced enhanced security measures for the matches. The German Federation expressed hope that fans will exercise self-control to ensure the tournament proceeds smoothly. Ronaldo's body language indicated his discomfort with repeated fan intrusions, despite not wanting to disappoint his supporters.

Portugal's goal is to secure a third win and the group champion title. Nothing less than a dominant victory against Georgia will satisfy the fans. A significant win before the knockout stage would boost the team’s confidence as they aim to replicate their 2016 championship success.

Messi Injured! Disappointment for Argentina Ahead of Last Group Match

Florida: Argentine captain Lionel Messi might miss the last group stage match due to an injury sustained against Chile. The injury to his right leg is not severe, Messi confirmed. The superstar got injured in the 24th minute of the match against Chile. Messi sought initial treatment for a muscle injury in his right leg but could not play fully thereafter. Messi later commented that he played despite a fever and sore throat. He stated that the injury is not serious, and reports from Argentine media suggest it’s the same injury that troubled him two months ago while playing for Inter Miami. Messi is currently under the medical team's observation. Coach Lionel Scaloni refrained from discussing Messi's injury in detail. Argentina's final group stage match is against Peru on the 30th.

Scaloni might rest Messi in this match since Argentina has already secured a spot in the quarterfinals. More players might get a chance in this less crucial match. The team management hopes Messi will return fully fit for the quarterfinal clash. In the early hours today, Argentina advanced to the last eight with a 1-0 win over Chile. Lautaro Martinez scored the only goal. Despite numerous opportunities, it took until the 88th minute for Argentina to score. They dominated possession with 62% but could not convert it into goals until Martinez, a substitute, broke through. Martinez came on in the 72nd minute for Julian Alvarez and scored from a Messi corner in the 88th minute.

England Advances as Group Champions, Alongside Denmark! Austria Stuns, Netherlands Await Outcome

Munich: England reached the Euro Cup pre-quarterfinals. Despite drawing with Slovenia in the final group match, they advanced as group champions. Slovenia, too, kept their pre-quarterfinal hopes alive with the draw. Slovenia managed to contain England's renowned attacking line. Harry Kane and his team ended up as group champions with consecutive draws.

The Slovenian defense put England under pressure several times. Though England found the net in the 21st minute, it was ruled offside. Substitute Cole Palmer had good opportunities in the second half but failed to capitalize. England showed urgency in the final minutes, but Slovenia’s defense held firm. England topped the group with five points from one win and two draws. Denmark also advanced from Group C by drawing with Serbia, securing second place. Both teams created chances but failed to score. Serbia's goal was ruled offside by the referee. Denmark will face Germany in the pre-quarterfinal on Saturday night.

From Group D, Austria and France advanced to the pre-quarterfinals. Austria defeated the powerful Netherlands 3-2 to top the group. France, following draws with Poland, was pushed to second place. The Netherlands might still reach the pre-quarterfinals as one of the best third-placed teams.

Martinez Breaks Chile's Defense! Argentina into Copa America Quarterfinals

Florida: Argentina advanced to the Copa America quarterfinals with their second consecutive win, defeating Chile 1-0. Lautaro Martinez scored the lone goal. Despite numerous opportunities, it took until the 88th minute for Argentina to find the net. Argentina had previously defeated Canada in their opening match. The next group match is against Peru. Argentina dominated possession and shot attempts. They made 22 shots, with nine on target, but only one resulted in a goal. Chile managed only three shots, none of which tested Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez. Argentina held 62% possession throughout the match.

It was substitute Martinez who finally scored. He replaced Julian Alvarez in the 72nd minute and netted from a Messi corner in the 88th minute. With this win, Argentina secured six points from two matches. Chile remained third with one point. Peru, having defeated Canada 1-0, is second in the group.

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