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In a critical moment for the football Messiah, he once again became the savior of Argentina. The same hands that guarded the Albicelestes in the last World Cup have come to their aid in this year's Copa America as well. Riding on the wings of their guardian angel, Emiliano Martínez, Argentina advances in the championship battle. Argentina defeated Ecuador in a shootout to advance to the semifinals. The match went into a shootout after both teams scored one goal each in regular time. Lisandro Martínez scored for Argentina, while Kevin Rodríguez scored for Ecuador. Despite leading with a goal in the first half, Ecuador managed to equalize and extend the match to a shootout.

Lionel Messi was the first to take a kick for Argentina in the shootout. However, to the shock of fans, his kick hit the post and missed. Where the captain faltered, Argentina's guardian angel stepped up, saving Ángel Mena's penalty, bringing Argentina back into the contest. Emiliano Martínez once again donned the mantle of Argentina's guardian angel, blocking Alan Minda's subsequent kick as well. Despite Messi's miss, Julian Álvarez, Mac Allister, Gonzalo Montiel, and Nicolás Otamendi successfully scored their penalties, securing Argentina's victory and a semifinal berth. The goalkeeper, who became the architect of Argentina's World Cup win by blocking crucial penalty kicks, reinforced his mission, standing as a formidable wall in front of Argentina's goal.

Messi Misses Penalty; Argentina Advances to Semifinals with Shootout Victory

New York: In the Copa America football tournament, reigning champions Argentina have advanced to the semifinals. Argentina claimed victory in a shootout against Ecuador in the quarterfinal clash. Despite superstar Lionel Messi missing his kick, Argentina won the shootout 4-2. Both teams had scored one goal each in regular time, sending the match into a penalty shootout. Lisandro Martínez gave Argentina the lead in the first half. However, in the injury time of the second half, Kevin Rodríguez equalized for Ecuador. The first goal for Argentina came in the 35th minute when Lisandro Martínez headed in a corner kick taken by captain Messi, marking his first international goal.

Ecuador missed a golden opportunity to equalize in the second half. In the 62nd minute, a handball gave Ecuador a penalty, but Enner Valencia's shot hit the post and went out. Just as Argentina seemed to secure victory, Ecuador stunned the champions with a comeback. In the early stages of injury time, Kevin Rodríguez scored the equalizing goal for Ecuador, taking the match into a penalty shootout.

Lionel Messi was the first to take a kick for Argentina in the shootout. To the shock of fans, Messi's kick hit the post and missed. However, Emiliano Martínez saved Argentina's hopes by blocking Ecuador's first kick taken by Ángel Mena. Julian Álvarez's kick shook Ecuador's net, and Martínez blocked Ecuador's second kick as well. Mac Allister successfully scored for Argentina, and Ecuador managed to score their second kick, making it 2-1. Gonzalo Montiel's shot kept Argentina in the lead. Ecuador scored again, but Nicolás Otamendi's kick sealed Argentina's victory and secured a semifinal berth.

Copa America: Argentina Leads in First Half Against Ecuador

New York: As the first half of the quarterfinal match against Ecuador in Copa America concludes, Argentina leads. Argentina secured a one-goal lead in the first half. Lisandro Martínez scored the goal for Argentina. The goal came in the 35th minute after numerous advances, with captain Messi's corner kick being headed in spectacularly by Lisandro Martínez, marking his first international goal.

Superstar Lionel Messi was included in Argentina's starting eleven despite media reports earlier suggesting he might not play due to an injury. Messi thrilled fans by taking the field in the starting lineup. He had injured his right leg in the match against Chile and did not play in the last group match against Peru. Despite Messi's absence, Argentina secured a two-goal victory.

Will Messi Play in the Quarterfinal? Scaloni Responds

New York: Reigning champions Argentina are gearing up to face Ecuador in the quarterfinals of Copa America. The match is scheduled for early morning at 6:30 AM IST on Friday. It is still unclear whether superstar Lionel Messi, who is resting due to an injury, will take the field for Argentina in this crucial match. Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni commented on Messi's injury ahead of the match, stating, "We need to wait a little longer to say anything about Messi. We will make a decision based on today's training." Scaloni added, "If Messi does not play, the team will change completely. We will try to include him. We need to give him the necessary time. Waiting until the last moment is the best course. Before training, we will discuss everything we need to do tomorrow with Messi." Messi injured his right leg in the match against Chile and did not play in the last group match against Peru. Despite Messi's absence, Argentina secured a two-goal victory.

Penalty Should Have Been Awarded for Foul on Vinicius: CONMEBOL

New York: CONMEBOL, the governing body of Copa America, has admitted that Brazil deserved a penalty in the match against Colombia for a foul on Vinicius Junior. The incident occurred in the first half of the group D match, drawing criticism for the referees. Despite VAR review, no penalty was awarded. Brazil was leading by one goal at the time, scored by Raphinha in the 12th minute. Colombian right-back Daniel Muñoz brought down Vinicius in the box, but no penalty was awarded even after a VAR check.

Colombia later equalized, and the match ended with both teams scoring one goal each. Daniel Muñoz scored for Colombia in injury time of the first half. Vinicius received a yellow card in the match and was suspended for the next game due to receiving his second yellow card in the tournament. Brazil's quarterfinal match against Uruguay will be missed by Vinicius. In the previous match against Paraguay, Vinicius scored two goals, leading Brazil to their only victory in this Copa America tournament.

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