ISL; Blasters on the road to success; Dias and Vazquez's goal was scored by Malayalee player Mohammad Irshad at the nursery for North East. - Sportsnight

Panaji: The Kerala Blasters returned to winning ways in the Indian Super League.  The Blazers beat North East United 2-1 in today's match.  After a boring first half, Kerala scored two goals in the second half.  Jorge Pereira Diaz (62) and Alvaro Vazquez (82) netted for the Blazers.  AYUSH official who replaced Putia in the team today got a red card in the 70th minute.  The team then played 10 men.  North East scored a consolation goal in the sixth minute of injury time, shocking the Blasters.  Malayalee player Mohammad Irshad scored for North East at the nursery.  With the win, the Blazers jumped to second place with 23 points.  Vazquez led the way with a great performance in the match.  Despite creating some chances in the first half, the final touch was missed and the Blasters suffered a setback today.

Messi will find it difficult to score as Ronaldo gets older: Lewandowski

Munich: Bayern Munich's Poland's Robert Lewandowski has compared football superstars Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi.  Lewandowski, who won the FIFA World Player of the Year award, opened his mind during an interview with a private channel. Lewandowski has revealed that Messi will find it difficult to score when Ronaldo's age.  After leaving Barcelona for PSG, Messi fell behind in scoring.  Lewandowski said Ronaldo, who is two years older than Messi, is still performing well at this age.  Lewandowski said it was doubtful whether Messi would look as good as the Portuguese star when he reached Ronaldo's age.

Cristiano is three and a half years older than I am.  Messi and I are one and a half years apart.  Even when the club changes, Ronaldo does not forget the goal.  He can score in most matches.  Messi is a different player than Ronaldo.  As Ronaldo ages, Messi's scoring will quickly decline.  He will have a hard time finding the back of the net, "said Lewandowski. Lewandowski, who has won the FIFA World Player of the Year award for the second time in a row, is now the leading player in goals scored.

Real shock defeat, just outside the Copa del Rey quarterfinals

Madrid: Real Madrid out of the Copa del Rey football tournament.  In the quarter finals, Athletic Bilbao defeated Real Madrid.  Athletic's victory was a goalless draw. Alexandro Berenguer Remiro scored the winning goal for Athletic Bilbao.  The player scored in the 89th minute of the match. The athlete, who defeated defending champions Barcelona in the pre-quarterfinals, also put out a sparkling form in the quarterfinals.  With this victory, Atletico Bilbao became the fourth team to reach the semifinals of the tournament.

Valencia, Rayo Vallecano and Real Betis have already reached the semi-finals.  The semi-finals will progress in two quarters.  The semi-final fixture has not been released.  This time, none of the big teams made it to the semis. Real played without superstar Karim Benzema.  The fading of youngster Vinicius Jr. has adversely affected the team.  Despite Asensio, Rodrigo, Tony Cruz, Casimiro, Modric and Kurtva all playing, Real could not win.

"Vasquez influences everyone to take long range shots" "I might take one too"

"Alvaro Vasquez has been creating amazing goals during the Kerala Blasters' training," said Khabra.  The goal scored by Vasquez yesterday came as no surprise to the rest of the team.  Khabra said he had seen such goals on the training ground from Vasquez.  Khabra said Vasquez is pushing and influencing other players to take on Long Rangers. Long rangers like this have been trying in Nishu Kumar training recently.  Khabra joked that I would try such a long ranger soon.  Vasquez scored from a distance of 59 meters yesterday.

Weldon Mr. Perera, Salute Vasquez: This is the 'booster dose': IM Vijayan

Weldon Mr. Perera, a salute to Vasquez!  A goal by Jorge Pereira Diaz against North East United was something I wanted.  That player has worked so hard on the field yesterday.  Many Malayalees remember the name Perera as a villain.  These 'Pereras' were the regular villains in Malayalam movies when I was young. But this Pereira from Argentina has changed the whole story.  Perera is a good real hero.  The sharpness of the Pereira Diaz Blasters' attack is not to be underestimated.  The energy that Pereira Diaz fills up is the fuel for Vazquez and Luna to ignite, capturing the ball from opponents, paving the way for teammates and creating corners with strength and skill.

Vasquez's goal was a one-and-a-half goal.  I have never seen such a shot from behind the midfield in the ISL.  It was not a shot fired from a distance of 59 meters.  It is a master class move that measures the position and movement of the goalie.  Concerns that the Blasters had been reduced to ten men and North East's hopes of a comeback shattered Vazquez's rocket. The victory was a 'booster dose' for the Blasters.  Sweating without finding the rhythm in the first half, but the return of yesterday's second half that does all the damage.  The 'magic' of coach Ivan Vukumanovich, who instilled confidence in the players at the break, stands out in this victory.

Vasquez finds the target with the ball extending from his own half;  Blasters win (2–1)

Madgaon: The Kerala Blasters defeated North East United in a match played by Spanish player Alvaro Vasquez with one of the best goals of the tournament.  The Blasters beat North East by two goals to one in an exciting match.  When the AYUSH officer saw the red card, the Blasters reduced the number of men to 10 but kept the fighting spirit intact. After a goalless first half, Jorge Pereira Diaz (62) and Alvaro Vazquez (82) scored for the Blasters.  Mohammad Irshad scored the consolation goal for North East in the last minute of injury time.  Ivan Vukomanovic and his team are back to winning ways after successfully overcoming the crisis created by covid's expansion within the team.  The Blasters, who returned after a break created by covid, lost to Bengaluru FC by an unbeaten margin in the last match. With the win over the North East, the Blasters jumped back to second place with 23 points from 13 games.  Leading the way is Hyderabad FC, who have played one more game than the Blasters.  Hyderabad have 26 points from 14 matches.  North East United remain bottom of the table with 10 points after suffering their 10th defeat of the season.

The way the goals came

Kerala Blasters' first goal: The first 15 minutes of the second half came after a goalless first half.  Nishukumar picked up the ball from the left wing near the North East box and put it inside the box with the head of Harmanjyot Khabra in the middle.  Pereira Dias headed the ball into the net just before the post.  The score is 1–0.

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