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The Yellow Army is in the North today.

Vasco da Gama: Covid Pitch is poised for the No. 1 spot in the world.  Yalathi's own yellow image is in the North today.  Kerala Blast Strike with a record of 10 undefeated matches  One-sided goal against Bengaluru in the final match of the series  He agreed. After a long day of training without a codex infection  He was saddened to find the rhythm in the first game he played.  .  Ivan Vu Komano will lead the team back to victory.  Vichy's team get out today.  North at the bottom of the list is Haida in the last game of this stack.  To relieve the fatigue of conceding five unanswered goals against Rabadi.  And effort. Today, the old codex is still used to track down blah The journey to the dream will be difficult.  Success and failure are not just for the faint of heart.  The games are said to have been coached by the coach.

 ATK asked for a draw;  1-1 against Mumbai

Panaji: First in the net and then in his own net.  Bought by A. T. K. Mohan Bagan.  The competition between the strongest king and the oldest is in every goal of the game.  Divorced.  The first goal was scored in the ninth minute of the match, which was played on both sides.  Posted.  William Z.  Transformed into a globe. Then in the 24th minute of the match, which saw a battle of equals, Mumbai UTBP  Cotyledon for survivors of an accidental magic kick  'S effort tried in its own web.  The two teams face off in a competition full of beautiful opportunities.  Even if you try hard to achieve success, you will not find the goal.  Knocked on the NavC.

 ISL: Mumbai-North East draw

Madgaon: I.S.A.L. and B.C.T.F.C. and North East United  Divided at 1-1.  Ahmed Jahou's penalty in the 30th minute to give Netanyahu the lead.  Goalie Mohammad Irshad scores goal  North came up with this st. Mumbai finished fourth with 18 points from 12 matches and played 14 games in the North.  He is 10th with 10 points.

ISL 2021-22: Blasters postponed matches;  The Yellows know the waiting dates

Madgaon: The Kerala Blasters have postponed their matches in the ISL (ISL 2021-22).  The match against ATK Mohun Bagan (ATK Mohun Bagan) will be played on the 19th of this month and the match against Mumbai City FC on the 2nd of March.  Both matches will start at 7.30 pm.  Both games of the Blasters (KBFC) have been postponed due to Kovid expansion in the team. The Hyderabad-Kerala Blasters match, which was earlier scheduled for February 19, has been postponed to February 23.  The Blasters will play a total of six games in February.  The Blasters' next game is against the North East the next day.  The Blasters are currently third with 20 points from 12 games.

In the last match, Bengaluru FC defeated Blasters by an unanswered goal.  Inadequate training due to the expansion of the Kovid in the camp and the exhaustion of the players often pushed the horns backwards.  However, Ivan Vukomanovich's yellow card showed fighting spirit on the field.  Roshan Singh scored the winning goal for BFC in the 56th minute.

 Dramatic;  East Bengal beat Chennai by an innings goal

Vasco da Gama: SC East Bengal drew with Chennaiyin FC in ISL (ISL 2021-22) in injury time.  Both the teams scored two goals each at Tilak Maidan. The match started dramatically at Tilak Maidan.  Hira Montal's goal put Chennai ahead in the second minute.  Nintoi's superb shot doubled the lead in the 14th minute.  This time it was Montal's miss pass near the box that paved the way for the goal.  The match ended in a 2-0 lead for Chennai. Darren Sidol scored East Bengal's first goal in the 61st minute with a free kick.  East Bengal failed to find the back of the net in the 90th minute.  But in the first minute of injury time, Lalrin Liana equalized for East Bengal with a header.

With this, Chennai lost the opportunity to reach the third position in the points table.  Chennai are sixth with 19 points from 14 matches.  With just one win, East Bengal are 10th with 10 points.  Hyderabad are second with 26 points from 14 matches, Jamshedpur are second with 22 points from 12 matches and Kerala Blasters are third with 20 points from the same number of matches.

Ousmane Dembele: Barcelona prepares to cancel contract with Dembele

Barcelona: Spanish club Barcelona are set to cancel the contract of Frenchman Ousmane Dembele.  Barcelona's move comes after Dembele did not leave the team in the mid - season transfer window.  FC Barcelona have issued an ultimatum to Osman Dembele to leave the team in the mid - season transfer window that ends on January 31. This was after the Frenchman rejected the new contract given by Barcelona.  Coach Xavi also made it clear that he would not be included in the squad for the remaining matches of the season.  Dembele was left out of the squad for the last two matches.  Dembele's agent Moosa Sissoko has been in talks with PSG, Tottenham and Chelsea but could not reach an agreement before the transfer deadline.  With this, Dembele and Barcelona were in crisis.

The Frenchman may not be available until the end of the season.  Qatar's chances of making the France squad for the World Cup are slim.  Barcelona will not be able to register newcomer Obamayang in La Liga or Europa League unless Dembele's contract is terminated. In Spanish football, there are restrictions on the pay of each team.  In this context, Barcelona's move is to cancel Dembele's contract until the end of this season to make Obamayang a part of the team.

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