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All three countries won the right to host the World Cup in a United North American bid. FIFA has historically given host nations the right to play in the World Cup without going through the usual qualifying tournaments, although this is the first time FIFA has had to set aside three host bids. mThe tournament is set to expand from 32 teams to 48 in 2026. Another three berths will be awarded to CONCACAF nations through the qualifiers.

FIFA Council confirmed the FIFA World Host Cup 2026, meaning that Canada, Mexico and the USA.

FIFA released a statement on Tuesday, saying, "Furthermore, in accordance with the long-standing tradition of all hosts competing in the FIFA World Cup, for sporting and operational considerations, will automatically qualify for the final round of the competition, so their The slots will be deducted from the overall allocation of six assigned to CONCACAF. While the U.S. and Mexico qualify for most World Cups, it was good news for Canada, whose men's national team qualified for Qatar in 2022, breaking a 36-year drought between World Cup appearances. Canada lost all three of its group-stage matches. The FIFA Council also determined the timetable for the bid for the right to host the 2030 World Cup, saying a decision would be made next year. That meeting will be separate from FIFA's meeting to choose the host for the 2027 Women's World Cup, which will be held in 2024. There are three confirmed bids for the 2030 hosting duties: a South American joint bid involving Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile; a joint Spain-Portugal bid that added war-torn Ukraine last year; and Morocco. The USA, Mexico and Canada have all qualified for the next edition of the FIFA World Cup in 2026, which will be jointly hosted by the three countries. While FIFA usually allows host nations to skip the qualifying rounds, the fact that three nations will jointly host the 2026 edition has raised doubts whether the same rule will come into play this time around.

FIFA confirmed this on Tuesday evening. The fact that the 2026 edition of the World Cup will see 48 nations competing instead of 32 has made things a lot easier for the sport's global governing body.

"In keeping with the long-standing tradition of all hosts competing in the FIFA World Cup, sporting and operational considerations, the FIFA Council has confirmed that Canada, Mexico and the USA, the hosts of the FIFA World Cup 2026, will automatically qualify for the final round of the competition, thus reducing their slots from the overall allocation of six allocated to CONCACAF. ,” FIFA said in a statement released on Tuesday. It's worth noting that both the USA and Mexico have usually qualified for the World Cup with ease, having breezed through CONCACAF qualifying. Canada, on the other hand, qualified for the recently concluded event in Qatar after a gap of 36 years. At Qatar 2022, Canada lost all three of its group-stage matches. Lucille Boulevard was taken over by bowers dressed in the blue and white albicelest of the night. It wasn't just celebrations for Qatar's national day, it was an outpouring of emotions for the Three Stars as they finally made it to Argentina. Fireworks and steaming jets were neither the attraction nor the distraction here, as the eyes followed the bus with the champions who made it possible.m But the hero of the night, Lionel Messi, was not easy to spot as he was surrounded by his mates wearing the Argentina flag like a superhero's cape. His constant grumbling with the burdens of the past was finally a thing of the past, and his smile melted everyone's hearts.

Forever comparing him to Diego's immortal standards, forever he seemed doomed to failure, the cross too heavy for him and his comrades. Finals came, finals went, but a trophy in national colors would never be his as the gods decided to be cruel. But after four summits without measuring up, the tide seems to have turned with the 2021 Copa America victory. Unbeaten Argentina (36 games) arrived in Doha as favourites, and every corner of the city was buzzing with anticipation since the World Cup kicked off on November 20 with BTS and Morgan Freeman cheering. Kadak (chai), jovial conversations with stadium security officers, or casual conversations with coconut shopkeepers, the toddy shop—every street conversation about India's western coastal state of "Mizzi," his heritage, and his struggle with images—and the joy Maradona has left for posterity. But it was always (in their minds) the end result of this expensive World Cup that Lionel Messi would fulfill his destiny and finally rise from the Arabian desert to seek absolution, along with the belief that their land - adopted or their own - would be. One of the best (one) permanent shrines in football. He is the superstar of this tournament, daring a team of good but not exceptional individuals to be better than the sum of its parts. The spirit of togetherness is the biggest strength for Argentina to become world champions after 36 years. "We are fighters and despite France scoring goals we were very strong. It was similar to the match against the Netherlands, we fought to win," coach Lionel Scaloni said after winning the biggest game of his life.

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